Auto Body


Auto Body & Paintless Dent Repair - We repair and replace body panels and are qualified to cut and weld (for example, roof and door skins, or rocker, cab corners, and floor pans).




Paint - We can color match and repair your paint job, whether it is a scractch or a full color change. Also, we do custom paint jobs - full body, flames, racing stripes, and more! We can smoke out your headlights and tailights, too.




 Welding - Sometimes your repair will require welding. We have certified welders on staff.


Frame Work

Frame Work - Accidents sometimes cause the frame to bend, requiring precision in straightening it. We have the machinery and capabilities to do so.




Mechanical - We can service your vehicle for mechanical repairs and maintenance, including suspension. Though we are not an engine or transmission repair shop, for these needs we can refer you to some excellent, qualified shops that have these capabilities, and we can facilitate the whole process.

AC Work


AC Work - It gets hot in the summer; don't let your air conditioner go unfixed. We can diagnose and repair or replace whatever is not functioning properly.